Feelings, just Feelings on a #Brexit

Why not support Britains „threat“ of a Brexit? Thinking of Europe as a team (like a football team) if someone wants to loosen the ties and have more freedom its usually better for him to leave since its common sense that for a good team you have got to tighten the team spirit (in this case in order to „survive“ ethically and economically an a globalized world with big teams „playing“). Switzerland was some days ago in a German talk show called (by a Swiss journalist oder politician) a „member of the EU without voting rights“. So maybe the same will happen to Britain. As I notice Britains constant wish for more freedom I feel they should be let free (as a good example for Greece too, to demonstrate: this is not a one-way-road or a deadlock, EU is a society of free nations with the same economic interests and the same moral standards and some economic standards for the members to fit in). So, very friendly, please Britain: take a timeout and stay friendly or friends with the EU and see you maybe sometimes later as a member. But do not try to blackmail or weaken the comradship between the countries instead of strengthening it. I suppose, even as a non-member or maybe even only then, when you are a not part of it anymore,  you will appreciate a strong and tight EU with a more centralized leadership.

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